Beer and Hymns is exactly what it sounds like . . . people gathering to drink beer and sing hymns. There is no agenda, no preaching, no altar call. It's simply an opportunity for people who grew up singing hymns to do so in an environment that may provide less baggage than church. A wide variety of people come - from people who love church to people who have long left the church but feel nostalgic about the songs.

Since it's inception we've seen rapid growth. Our first gathering in October had about 50 people, and our December gathering was well over 300. But what has surprised us most is how engaged the audience is. They come pumped and ready to sing. It's not a concert . . . we emphasize that it's a group sing, and man does the audience take it seriously and sing out. It's a blast for everyone involved. 

You can watch a video here to get an idea of the vibe. You can check us out on facebook and instagram as well. Press inquires can be made by emailing beerandhymnsoc@gmail.com.