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California Loves Culture

California Loves Culture

Maybe you’re the churchy type. Maybe you’re not. Maybe you grew up singing hymns. Maybe you didn’t. It doesn’t matter. You’d have to be pulse-less not to love a good old-fashioned pub sing-along.

Gathering once a month (ish) in different parts of Orange County, Beer and Hymns OC is a collection of people who like to sing, like to drink (beer or otherwise) and like to have a great time.

On Sunday night we somewhat channeled the Irish (or the British) for the first event at Durty Nellies off of Red Hill in Costa Mesa. They opened up the bar on a Sunday night especially for us. Eighty-five people raised their glasses (I drank a Harp and possibly a bourbon) and sang together songs like “Be Thou My Vision” and “Blessed Assurance.”

We sang loud. And we sang strong. And not a one of us was drunk but who knew singing could be so much fun after a beer? I guess only EVERYONE WHO EVER DOES KAROKE, right? I digress.

This was no karoke. This wasn’t even “church” (okay, maybe for some of us it was). This was pub-singing songs that a lot of us grew up with and this was pub-singing at its best.

The band played two “sets” and by sets I mean they led the way while the crowd/choir sang louder. I’m telling you, I had never thought “In the Garden” could lend itself to a bar, but no lie, it never felt better than at Durty Nellies.